Swing Dance Party

1 I´d Like To Break Your Neck

2 Swing Dance Party

3 Shorty

4 Caldonia Boogie

5 Dish Of The Day

6 I Like ´Em Fat Like That

7 Is You Is Or Is You Is My Baby

8 Bye Bye Paris

9 Hallelujah, I Love Her So

10 Steppin´Out With My Baby

11 Jumpin´At The Jubilee

12 One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer

Black Toast And Coffee

01 Ain´t Nobody Here But Us Chickens

02 Cole Slaw

03 Burnt Toast And Black Coffee

04 Hey Good Lookin´

05 Good Bye Don´t Cry

06 Flip Flop And Fly

07 Loosiana

08 Tonight With BJ And The Big Jive

09 Eight Nine And Ten

10 Everybody Loves My Baby

11 Bloodshot Eyes

12 Mystery And Mastery

13 Lavender Coffin

14 Please Don´t Talk About Me When    I´m Gone

15 No Moon At All